Thursday, February 27, 2020

Planters and Premieres!!!
Soooo busy that I never found the time to post about another trip out to L.A.  to design and install planters and attend the super awesome Avengers Infinity War world premiere!!
Mr. and Mrs. Hemsworth . Bridget Kelley (Bridget Kelley Garden Designs) 
so exciting! 

These are the right kind of tree lined streets! 

Landscape Consultation in L.A. (Bridget Kelley Garden Designs)

Designed and Installed Summer Planters in L.A.

Friday, February 8, 2019

Shout out to the best photographer in the biz- Christopher Elston 
For setting up this great session for my new website

Bridget Kelley- Headshots by Christopher Elston Photography

Friday, December 14, 2018

Thank you!

Bridget Kelley 

Just a post to say Thank you to all of my wonderful clients for making 2018 such an amazing year- Happy Holidays and see you in 2019!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Planters and Premiers!!

What a wonderful trip out to L.A.!!! This movie is amazing and I am so proud of my super talented sister who was sweet enough to invite me out to celebrate it's opening!! Of course there was time for some landscape consultations and planning for summer planters next year! The west coast division is really taking off and I am having a blast with planning all of the fun projects ahead!!

The Big L.A. Premiere!!
So proud of these two and their amazing work as the music supervisors. Julianne Jordan and Julia  Michels

The Kelley Girls conquering the world!! Bridget Kelley, Julianne Kelley Jordan

Bridget Kelley with the pre-premiere selfie!!

Yes, it's Bradley


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

PITCH PERFECT plantings!!!- by Bridget Huzar Garden Designs

Here are the pictures from my west coast business/fun trip...just as I promised!

                                                                    The premiere!

Me and my super talented sister Julianne Jordan...the music producer for the film.

My favorite celebrity of the evening! (Keegan Michael Key) and of course Isabelle Huzar

we are so "perfect 2" (Bridget Kelley, Julianne Jordan, Isabelle Huzar)

Next post will be a few pics from the business side!
-Bridget Kelley

Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Best Containers in the Lehigh Valley...and soon to be in Los Angeles!- By Bridget Huzar Garden Designs

What a looooong winter this has been! I can barely remember what the color green looks like and flowers are a lovely distant memory from a forgotten time.

Well....lets snap out of it and think of spring!!

To get back into the swing of spring, I have been busy planning all of the containers that I will be installing this year, which is at least double that of last year, so the news that Bridget Kelley Garden Designs has the best container plantings, has been catching on!
Yellow fragrant Rose, pink Bacopa, salmon petunias, lime creeping jenny and delicate irish moss

 No other company in the Lehigh Valley has the distinct reputation of designing and installing the most unique, long lasting and beautifully stunning containers for residential or commercial locations. Our Commercial installations have really increased as the word has spread about our creative and dependable work for every season. We have taken businesses from spring to winter with ever-changing displays and maintained the plantings with weekly professional care, to insure their vibrant health.

Hydrangea up top with white Bacopa filling out the sides, Oxalis added for texture and Clematis spilling down
In May I will be designing and installing several container displays in Los Angeles. I will be out there for the premiere of the movie Pitch Perfect 2, for which my talented sister worked on all of the music  (don't worry, I will be blogging about it- pictures and hopefully lots of fun stories to report).

One installation will be for a new pool/patio space, with a craftsman inspiration. That style will be lots of fun to enhance with my containers!

So, If you would like Bridget Kelley Garden Designs to design and install the containers for your location ( residential or commercial) please call soon...before you even see the color green again!
-Bridget Huzar

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

AIR PRODUCTS- Main Campus- by Bridget Huzar Garden Designs

When you think of industrial parks, you picture monotone, cold and commercial plantings. The main reason for this style of landscape is for ease of maintenance and the mistaken belief that this is what people expect non-residential landscapes to look like. Well, Bridget Kelley Garden Designs does not except this and plans to change that view!

It is true that you must consider maintenance when planning commercial work (just like residential design), but design also needs to compliment the architecture and surrounding environment. Low maintenance does not have to mean dull and uninspired. I believe it is also important to educate as a designer and teach those in charge of the maintenance about the specific nature of each plant and how best to avoid labor intensive care, by planting the right plant in the right place! 

When you have a grounds crew like the professional team at Air Products, you know whatever you design will be well taken care of.

Air Products has a long history of environmental awareness and stewardship. It is crucial that any new plantings on campus carry on this tradition. The first installation outside the main administration building, adds a much needed view of a beautiful, natural setting. Previously this space was completely devoid of warmth, color, interest or joy. My re-design combines beautiful season long interest that is both low maintenance and environmentally friendly. All of the plants used will attract beneficials, such as butterflies, bees and birds. 

As far as the containers on campus, I have decided to use the existing planters for now and do more research on self watering styles that will look as good as they work! When designing containers it is equally as important to use plants that will do well in the microenvironment they inhabit, as in the  beauty of their arrangement.  

I plan on adding more posts explaining each garden and container in more detail during our "off season"... Which gets shorter and shorter as our business grows. So, until then here are a few pictures, showing some of our new containers at the main campus.

- Bridget Kelley