Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Favorite Time of The Year-by Bridget Huzar Garden Designs

Fall is my favorite!!

The weather is perfect, the colors of nature are dressed in jewel tones and the kids are back in school!!

I just love creating container gardens. Its a chance for me to enjoy instant gratification in the landscape. Normally, I have to wait for years to see one of my designs "fill out"and become what i see in my head while i am designing. With pots, i can stuff all of the textures and colors that can fit into one instant display of fall beauty.

My favorite colors to use are purples and lime greens...of course mixed with rusts and tans, for an beautiful autumnal softness. You can't beat a combination of Kale, Hydrangea, Millet and Heuchera to really bring of a show of both texture and color throughout the whole season.

The only thing that keeps me from getting completely depressed when fall is over, is the fact that the holidays are coming, with all of the rich greens and red accents dramatically flanking our holiday doors!!

-Bridget Kelley

Container Creations-by Bridget Huzar Garden Design

Fall Containers Time!!!

-Bridget Kelley