Wednesday, October 15, 2014

AIR PRODUCTS- Main Campus- by Bridget Huzar Garden Designs

When you think of industrial parks, you picture monotone, cold and commercial plantings. The main reason for this style of landscape is for ease of maintenance and the mistaken belief that this is what people expect non-residential landscapes to look like. Well, Bridget Kelley Garden Designs does not except this and plans to change that view!

It is true that you must consider maintenance when planning commercial work (just like residential design), but design also needs to compliment the architecture and surrounding environment. Low maintenance does not have to mean dull and uninspired. I believe it is also important to educate as a designer and teach those in charge of the maintenance about the specific nature of each plant and how best to avoid labor intensive care, by planting the right plant in the right place! 

When you have a grounds crew like the professional team at Air Products, you know whatever you design will be well taken care of.

Air Products has a long history of environmental awareness and stewardship. It is crucial that any new plantings on campus carry on this tradition. The first installation outside the main administration building, adds a much needed view of a beautiful, natural setting. Previously this space was completely devoid of warmth, color, interest or joy. My re-design combines beautiful season long interest that is both low maintenance and environmentally friendly. All of the plants used will attract beneficials, such as butterflies, bees and birds. 

As far as the containers on campus, I have decided to use the existing planters for now and do more research on self watering styles that will look as good as they work! When designing containers it is equally as important to use plants that will do well in the microenvironment they inhabit, as in the  beauty of their arrangement.  

I plan on adding more posts explaining each garden and container in more detail during our "off season"... Which gets shorter and shorter as our business grows. So, until then here are a few pictures, showing some of our new containers at the main campus.

- Bridget Kelley

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

6th Street Shelter Allentown-by Bridget Huzar Garden Designs

Talk about a "labor of love"!!! The labor required to dig in the soil of an abandoned city lot is immense! I have never had to use a sledgehammer to dig a hole for a tree before this gardening experience. The amount of concrete and other unidentified objects was numerous, but so was the support from the community!

If you remember from previous posts, I volunteered to design and the oversee the installation of the new garden at the 6th street women's shelter in Allentown, PA. Completely through donations we were able to obtain the plants and materials to install the design this summer. I am so excited to be able to provide a garden to those who will need it the most.

The best part about the day was when 5 local boys stopped by and asked if they could help us. They were so excited to be a part of something like this, and have a hand in creating something beautiful! This project will have a special place in my heart over the fanciest gardens I have designed, because of the amount of love that was put into every ounce of this project, from everyone involved.

I will be sure to add photos of the completed garden, when the mulch is down and things fill in!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Helping the City of Allentown

The City of Allentown is actively helping to revitalize the 7th street area, with the help of various grants and many wonderful volunteers.

The "spring Offensive"is in full swing right now....involving the complete makeover of many homes along the 700-900 blocks of 7th street.

Kathleen Kapila of Allentown and Becky Short of Macungie introduced me to this special project and drove me to the area on Monday to begin the re-landscaping efforts!

We took a list of over 20 homes and I donated my time to design them one by one until they all now have a great little design that will be low maintenance, color year-round and help the homeowners feel the joy of having a little garden of their own.

I primarily used hardy plants that would give a lot of bang for the city's buck! Plants like,  echinacea, rudebeckia,  dwarf cherry laurel, coreopsis, perennial geranium and lots and lots of Vinca--to be used as an evergreen, low maintenance "lawn".

I really do enjoy this kind of volunteer work. Gardens are not just for a privileged few, they are especially for those that will truly appreciate a little piece of green heaven.
-Bridget Kelley

Monday, March 17, 2014

Fashion and Gardens- The Mutual Influence and Inspiration-by Bridget Huzar Garden Designs

I am so excited for my latest talk for the Society Of The Arts in Bethlehem: Fashion and Gardens- The Mutual Influence and Inspiration.

The Information about the Garden Tea Party is on their website :

I have just started the research so I will keep you updated with all of the interesting tidbits I find while compiling my information!

Monday, February 24, 2014

London for gardeners (in February)- by Bridget Huzar Garden Designs

February is not the best time to visit London for it's gardens. I really need to go back during the growing season to enjoy the breathtaking landscapes! Until then, I have some pics of a great little garden museum and a few shots of garden structure and hardscapes...enjoy!!!

Lovely hanging flowers inside the museum

 ...because really what else is there?

Outside the museum

The museum is a restored church

I bet this is beautiful when the vine is in all of it's glory!

A great brick wall in Hamstead

Kensington Palace grounds

Kensington tidy gardens

Once again, I'm sure this is breathtaking in summer!

Nice wall, gate and structure to this royal garden

Liberty of London!!

Yes please I will take it all!!
-Bridget Kelley

LONDON REVIEW-by Bridget Huzar Garden Designs

I'm back!!!!
London is exactly what you think it is: majestic, refined, fun, friendly and beautiful!
Here are some of my favorite pics of London sites


Buckingham Palace gates

Look kids : Big Ben, Parliament

London Bridget (Bridget Huzar)
Tower Bridge

The Tower of London

ST. Pauls

-Bridget Huzar

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sixth Street Shelter-by Bridget Huzar Garden Designs

I am very excited to start installing this project for the Sixth Street Shelter in Allentown.

They do a wonderful job providing temporary housing for women and their children. There are so many amazing people that have made this project a reality, all with big hearts filled with such good will.

Last year I completed the design and after a few construction delays and winter weather issues...we should be ready to begin in the spring!!

Bridget Huzar

Thursday, January 30, 2014

london-by Bridget Huzar Garden Designs


Another trip in February....The only slow time of the year for me!

I really don't expect to see any greenery. Winter is not the ideal time to visit Europe, but I hope to see at least some garden structure and hardscaping.  There is a gardening museum, and several castle gardens that I plan on visiting (I will be sure to share pictures). I have had numerous suggestions about what to see and where to go, so I'm sure the week will go by very quickly!!

 Look for pictures and info about the trip the end of the month!!!

...I love being able to share what I have learned with you all, as we grow together in our gardens!!!