Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Helping the City of Allentown

The City of Allentown is actively helping to revitalize the 7th street area, with the help of various grants and many wonderful volunteers.

The "spring Offensive"is in full swing right now....involving the complete makeover of many homes along the 700-900 blocks of 7th street.

Kathleen Kapila of Allentown and Becky Short of Macungie introduced me to this special project and drove me to the area on Monday to begin the re-landscaping efforts!

We took a list of over 20 homes and I donated my time to design them one by one until they all now have a great little design that will be low maintenance, color year-round and help the homeowners feel the joy of having a little garden of their own.

I primarily used hardy plants that would give a lot of bang for the city's buck! Plants like,  echinacea, rudebeckia,  dwarf cherry laurel, coreopsis, perennial geranium and lots and lots of Vinca--to be used as an evergreen, low maintenance "lawn".

I really do enjoy this kind of volunteer work. Gardens are not just for a privileged few, they are especially for those that will truly appreciate a little piece of green heaven.
-Bridget Kelley