Friday, January 18, 2013

West Coast Division 2013-by Bridget Huzar Garden Designs

2013 looks like a BIG year for Bridget Kelley Garden Designs--

We will be expanding the company to serve the Los Angeles area in February of 2013.  Consultations will be handled on site, while the design process will be done in the PA office.  Like always, we will maintain our high level of personalized service to create unique designs for each client, no matter which coast they call home!

I am looking forward to the challenges of a new geographic location, and the exciting growth of my business.

-Bridget Kelley

Grammys 2013- by Bridget Huzar Garden Designs

Grammy Time .....AGAIN!!!!

Headed out to L.A. in a few weeks for GRAMMY week....Looking forward to the parties, concerts and just hanging out with my warm weather friends!!

Love this picture by the way--It says...sure I can dig around in the dirt and plan out detailed designs in big rubber boots...but I can also throw on some heals and be sassy with my sister!!! (Julianne Jordan, Bridget Kelley)
-Bridget Kelley

Christmas 2012 Containers-by Bridget Huzar Garden Designs


-Bridget Kelley