Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Garden Design Advice

I have been designing gardens for over 20 years, so I have accumulated some helpful hints and ideas that I would love to share with you. I plan on giving one helpful design tip and one favorite plant choice for you to look up and hopefully find a place in your garden.
The charm of my town, Emmaus is it’s diversity. There are large single family homes with equally large yards, as well as charming smaller homes with postage size green spaces.  This allows for a variety of garden styles and plants within one town.  Some yards can handle large shade trees, like Oaks and big, beautiful Southern Magnolias. While smaller yards have hidden secret gardens behind alleys and garages, content with their limitations and humbly hiding their beauty. 
So, whether  you  have a massive or a mini yard, I know most of you are gardeners of some kind, and I look forward to sharing my professional advice in the months to come!
Tip of the Month: When designing your garden, come up with a unifying theme. You may have a cape cod style house and decide your theme will be “cottage” or “formal English”. This way your plant choices and garden elements, like arbors and patio spaces will have a cohesive look.
Plant of the Month: Columbine. So delicate, so vigorous and oh so beautiful!  Columbine is the perfect, spring addition to a shady spot in your garden.  Look it up online to find more about this wonderful perennial.

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