Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Everyone told me it would happen......and it did.-Bridget Huzar Garden Designs were all right....I forgot about work and fell into the vacation mode!!! Clients kept saying, " you are not going to want to blog and think about designing the whole time". I told them that it was my passion, and it really wasn't work for me! Well, guess what is even less like work....not working! I have a feeling it was the warm climate of Rome (not the wine or the kilos of pasta) that flipped a switch in my overworked head.

The main reason for less "work" now, is much less gardens! This is really more of a structural city, and unlike Paris, has paved courtyards devoid of plant material. I have spoken with many Romans about garden design and it does not exist here! Good news honey...we are not moving to Rome!!! Don't get me wrong, Romans love their plants. They grow their own olive and lemon trees, and of course fields and fields of sunflowers!! There is simply no design of these plants. They grow where they are best suited and if you want a pretty flower you get a pot and put one by your front door. For the larger estates, an architect will assist in garden placement and there are gardeners that maintain these gorgeous roman villas.

This is the last full day of my vaca. I will spend it walking the streets of Rome, in search of fountains, courtyards and the perfect gelato!!
-Bridget Huzar

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